Friday, January 22, 2010

Time to plant!

Since planting those salvaged plants I've been going out and watering the plants most every day. I'm pretty busy so I don't really have too much time to get down and dirty during the week, but thankfully since my plantings are a little sparse still, there isn't too much hard labor to do.

After I got back from the holidays, I decided I could get some new plants in the ground. Obviously, it's Winter so there aren't really a ton of exciting crops like Spring and Summer will bring. But, hey- I couldn't wait!

I had done a little hunting at the local places you can buy veggies to plant- Orchard Supply Hardware, Home Improvement Center, and La Sumida Nursery. Don't get me freaking started about Home Depot- no I will NOT buy your crap crops that you ship in from God knows where!

Frankly, as far as winter crops go, Home Improvement Center had the best looking stuff. But I got an OSH gift card, so I decided to check out what they had to offer. It was a little bleak, but I got a six pack of white onion and a six pack of romaine lettuce.

Since it had been a week since I worked through all the soil, a few little weeds had started to sprout here and there. I worked through the whole plot with a hula hoe- the world's greatest gardening tool. It is extremely easy to use and I made sure to leave room between each plant so I can fit the hula hoe in between.

Here are my two finished rows:

Here are some closeups of the onion and the lettuce:

Next post I'll give you an update on the strawbs, 'choke, and parsley!

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