Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preparing that soil

The weekend after I took possession of my plot, I made a day of it. I wanted to start out with healthy soil. Even though parks staff pretty thoroughly removed the ridiculous amount of weeds that were there prior, I wanted to dig deep and give my garden the best shot possible.

I turned on the ipod shuffle, slathered on the sunscreen and got down to business. On my hands and knees, I went over every square inch and dug about 8 inches down, pulling out any roots or weeds I could find. There are tales of nutgrass infestations in the garden, which is currently dormant for winter, but I wanted to get anything that might take hold and regrow OUT of my plot!

It took me several hours, but I felt quite accomplished. I then went to replanting the plants I saved from the last owner.

The artichoke:

The strawberries:

The parsley:

They looked a little rough, but as you'll see, they would start to perk up the longer they were in stable ground with regular watering!

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