Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A welcome intruder...

Over in a location in the plot where I don't have anything planted right now, there was a little green bit springing up. But it didn't look like just another weed. I let it go for a few days, and now what it is is unmistakable:
Cilantro! I'm guessing there was some growing in the plot back when it was a weed patch. I'm glad it stuck around. Ever since I noticed what it was, I've been watering it. I haven't planted those coriander seeds in flats yet, but hopefully they'll grow into nice little seedlings like this too. My grandmother would call this "volunteer" cilantro. She always tells us when a random sunflower comes up "volunteer" in her yard.

Hooray for garden volunteerism!


  1. mmmmm cilantro....have you planted parsley?

  2. i do have a parsley plant that i salvaged from the old plot. check out the earlier posts to see it!